Meet Dave who is the owner and head brewer of Breton Bay Brewing. Dave has a Master's Certificate in Brewing Science from Auburn University and is completely committed to brewing better beer at all times.
Dave Stuckert
Now meet Jada. Aside from being Dave's wife, Jada is the General Manager and Marketing Coordinator.  That said.....she is the real BOSS in charge! 
Jada Stuckert
Brendan is a Master Brewer and part-owner of Breton Bay Brewing. Brendan exited the Marine Corps in 2018 and started volunteering with Breton Bay shortly after. Brendan's love for beer and science has developed into his passion for brewing better beer. 
Brendan Ellixson
Caroline is the director of design, events and social media, essentially handling all things fun here at Breton Bay Brewing. Her love for design and entertaining play a key roll in the brewery's future endeavors, and you won’t find a sweeter person for the job. She is married to our master brewer Brendan, and together have made it a family affair. 
Caroline Ellixson
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