The Beer
Breton Bay Brewing creates a number of different traditional and new styles of beer and rotates them through our line up.

Alt Reserve 15

A clean, crisp and sophisticated old-world lager. A pure German altbier that adheres to reinheitsgebot purity law. 
IBUs: 23 ABV: 5.56%

Bock 'N' Roll

A headbanging German lager, that will bock your socks off, like an 80's drum solo. 
IBUs: 22 ABV: 7.5%

Bad Bad Bourbon Brown

Our famous L-Town Brown aged in an American bourbon barrel from Tobacco Barn Distillery. Deep bourbon and oak aroma. 

IBUs: 14 ABV: 8.0%


Caribbean Stout

A tropical stout with blackstrap molasses, raisin, and rum. Aged in a local Port of Leonardtown Winery Chambourcin wine barrel. Light bodied with plum, spices and fruit flavors. 

IBUs: 15 ABV: 8.2%


Cherry Cove Kriek

A Belgian Strong soured in a Chambourcin wine barrel with cherries. The ruby color, hints of wine and cherry, and the slight puckering sour are sure to make you crazy about it. Named after a local creek in Breton Bay. 
IBUs: 30 ABV: 9%

Citra IPA

A hazy, juicy and hoppy IPA,  with a taste of bitterness and a burst of citrus flavor.
IBUs: 70 ABV: 4.8%

Citra Pale Ale

A hazy, juicy and hoppy ale, with a slight bite of bitterness and a burst of citrus flavor.
IBUs: 60 ABV: 5.8%


A dark German wheat beer traditional in style. Hints of toffee.
IBUs: 20 ABV: 5.5%

Honey C

A traditional lawnmower ale, with smooth creamy biscuit flavors, finished with locally sourced Amish honey.

IBUs: 13 ABV: 5.3%

Freudian Slip

Mid 19th century, German Vienna Lager with authentic German malts and noble hops.

IBUs: 26 ABV: 5.5%


L-Town Brown

A traditional English Ale with a gentle, malty sweetness, a light caramel character, and a medium-dry finish. Hints of chocolate and roasted barley finished with subjugated Irish Ale yeast.
IBUs: 14 ABV: 5.4% 

Malt Dyer

Named after St. Mary's famous "witch", Moll Dyer, this hoppy black IPA will charm you with its subtle citrus aroma, and enchanting dreamsicle hops. A Witch's brew that is sure to put a spell on you this hallows eve.

IBUs: 60 ABV: 6.0%


My Fair Lady

A sophisticated yet crisp pale ale, with real Florida oranges. 

IBUs: 40 ABV: 5.9%



A juicy, hazy New England style IPA dry hopped to perfection! Originally created with The Slice House of Leonardtown, Maryland.

IBUs: 35 ABV: 6.5%


Raspberry Wheat

Light American wheat beer, with ample raspberry tones. 

IBUs: 20 ABV: 6.0%


Wee Tubby

Not heavy, just a little tubby. A big-boned Scottish Ale. And untraditional spin on a wee heavy, with blood orange. 

IBUs: 30 ABV: 8.5%